“We strive to provide validation, stimulation, and dignity for senior adults who are unable to live independently due to physical and/or mental limitations.”

— Lily Hoffman

The Lily Pad

The Lily Pad provides Family Style Senior Living in a real home. Our residents enjoy home cooking, pets, flowers and bird watching, in a secure casual setting. Conveniently located in South Austin, near hospital and emergency services. We have been caring for seniors at this location since 1999. Reasonable rates.

Our goal is to provide the very best in individual supportive care in a friendly atmosphere which promotes security and peace of mind for the resident and family.

The owner resides on premises and has extensive medical experience. Please call for more information about our services and amenities or to schedule a tour of the Lily Pad.


  • Assistance with daily living tasks
  • 24 hour staffing
  • Home cooked meals and desserts
  • Complete housekeeping and laundry service
  • Procurement and monitoring of medications
  • Management of personal accounts
  • Furnished or unfurnished private rooms
  • Outings


  • Cable television
  • Private telephone accessibility
  • Tranquil, shaded yard with pond
  • Interaction with our pets

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“Lily Hoffman will provide a loving home environment for your family member and peace of mind for you. I had guilt about not being able to take care of Mom at home, but my mother feels comfortable and secure at the The Lily Pad Personal Care Home and it has been a blessing for me and my mother. Mom, who is 88 with dementia, would not eat the food when she lived in a skilled nursing facility and lived on nutritional drinks. She is now happily eating three regular home-cooked meals a day, snacks all day long, and has put on 15 pounds. She has her own room with a chair by a large window from which she can watch the squirrels in the front yard, sit with Lily's cat, or just watch her TV. The house is always immaculately clean, there is a TV for viewing in the living room, a lovely dining room used for all meals, and an enclosed back porch where my mother enjoys sitting to view the birds, plants, and flowers in the backyard. Mom is bathed three times a week and often taken out for restaurant meals or other outings. She is still confused with dementia, but she is no longer agitated and depressed, and I have peace of mind knowing she is with Lily.”

—Tina M.

“To anyone searching for a wonderful place for a loved one: Happy was the day Lily Hoffman accepted my husband Jim into her Personal Care Residence. He had his own clean and tidy bedroom with a seat next to the window looking out on her shady front lawn. He could watch his own T.V. or the big screen one in the living room. He loved her backyard patio and spent many hours there listening to his radio. He was always clean, happy, and enjoyed her home cooked meals. Putting him in a nursing home was a dreaded approaching need which I fortunately never had to do. Thank you Lily for saving us from that. I would be happy to share my experience to anyone who might like to call me.”

— Judith Lehman

“After my Dad passed away, it was very important to find a new home that provided a safe environment, supervision of daily care and needs while allowing individuality to do the things my Mom enjoys most. 'The Lily Pad', being a personal care home, was a good choice for my Mom as it provided the care structure she needed without being too overwhelming like larger assisted living facilities. My Mom has been living at the Lily Pad for 12 years come September 2011.”

— Anna C.

“My mom had tried living in her own home with visiting care-givers and two nursing homes before we discovered The Lily Pad. What a God-send! A clean, home-like, family atmosphere, with the few residents having their own room, and a caring owner who has medical training in her background living on-site. The owner is constantly on alert for signs of possible medical problems. Mom particularly loves the great food prepared in their own kitchen by the owner or her assistants and eaten family-style in the dining room, and the large screen TV in the living room where she watches her favorite shows. She also enjoys that they celebrate all the birthdays and appropriate holidays, with the Christmas party for the residents and their families being a wonderful event. We are most grateful for The Lily Pad.”

— Betty and Bill W.